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Best 5 Travelling Destinations In Canada

Being the second largest country, there is no scarcity of attractive sceneries and distinctive tourist sites to travel. From one corner to another corner, the country accommodates lively, enriching cultural cities and stunning wonders of nature.

In west, the country is home to Rocky Mountains, worldwide popular cities like Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary rule most of the itineraries. On the other hand Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec city and Montreal dominate the travel plan and are among the list of most popular tourist destinations canada among travellers.

Those who like to proceed out to Maritime Provinces in the eastern Canada, the attractive scenery of Gros Morne National park in company with St. John’s and Halifax, offer their own special characteristics.

One of the less visited but totally magnificent path, is no doubt Canada’s northern region where magnificent rivers gushes out to Arctic Ocean, making some marvellous spheres for riding in canoe and a great site where one can see polar bears searching for food in the wild. It is a heaven for travellers as they can discover the beautiful attractions like cities of Churchill, remote places like Nahanni National Park Reserve, northern Canada’s largest city Whitehorse and largest community Yellowknife in North-western territories of Canada.

For more ideas for your itinerary, go through the list of best tourist destinations in Canada.

1) Niagara Falls in Canada – It is the most popular tourist attraction that attracts millions of tourists every year. You can reach there with over an hour long drive from Toronto. You can see the massive falls drop around 57 meters closely from multiple key points. This tourist destination has been bringing tourists for more than a century. In the beginning of mid Nineteenth century people used to make number of attempts to dive over the falls in numerous types of boats and vessels. Over the time, this led to the development of festival kind of atmosphere around here that exists till today. You can spend you day in exciting water-packed slides.

2) Banff National Park – Established in 1885, this National park is Canada’s oldest park situated in Rocky Mountains of Alberta. It is truly Canada’s most awe-inspiring destination where visitors can enjoy the countless adventurous activities. What makes the park so special is the simple entrance to the enormous preserved wilds of the Canada’s Rocky Mountains. There is a Lake house in which lush turquoise-coloured waters mirror the snow-capped mountains and travellers can easily wander for an unforgettable journey.

3) CN tower in Toronto – Located on the shore of the Lake Ontario, it is one of the most prominent observation tower, which was completed in year 1976. It stands an amazing height of 553 metres and masters the sky. There is a revolving 360 dining restaurant at the top where visitors can have a meal while gazing out at the city life. There is a Glass floor where you can take advantage of the transparency of glass and strength that makes for a thrilling insight. The Toronto’s CN tower is clearly visible from everywhere so those who don’t wish to tour&travel canada up the tower can enjoy the view as the colourful glittering tower looks beautiful at night.

4) Old Quebec City – Listed as a UNESCO World heritage site, the Old Quebec is Canada’s remarkable jewel. Spreading across the Upper & lower town of Quebec it is one of the most visited tourist attraction. It is home to stunning Le Chateau Frontenac which famous for its outstanding architecture. The upper town is home to the Plains of Abraham, Citadel, and Place d’Armes. Moreover, there is Rue du Tresor where artists showcase their artistic works and people come here to purchase everything from keepsakes to crafts and arts.

5) Rulers of the arctic : Polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba – A polar bear is a powerful and dominant creature that lives on icy waters and they can live on land as well. There is no other better place than Hudson Bay to see these animals making way from land to ice. The most ideal time to see these ultimate creatures is October and November as they get on the shore as they gather on the shore, waiting for the water to freeze so they can head onto the ice.

There are a lot more tourist attractions that are worth your visit. However, according to our research, we have covered five tour destinations canada in this blog to give you better ideas for planning itineraries for Canada Travel.

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