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Best Coronavirus Free Places Around The World To Visit

March 14, 2020

You are looking to plan your holidays tour but don’t know where to go? In Corfu (Greece), the air quality index is 3-4 times higher than central Paris and much less densely populated than the total population density in London. Those who prefer nature, peace, relaxation, it is a quite safer place to visit.


Amid the rising fears of coronavirus disease, there are still several countries and cities that have not reported any case of infection caused by the Covid-19 virus and they are safe to visit. There are a majority of European countries that have reported cases of Coronavirus infection, but there are certain islands such as Azores and Madeira who have avoided the spread of this virus so far. Moreover, there are 2 more islands in Greece named Mykonos and Santorini who have dodged this infection.

In the list of holiday destinations that are free from Coronavirus, there is Cape Verde, Corfu, Barbados, Bermuda, Azores and Isle of Man. If you are thinking about spending your holidays in Cape Verde, it is the best choice you can make and the same goes for Bermuda.
All these travel destinations are being closely monitored by local authorities and the travel agencies say that they are safer places to travel without any restrictions.

As per the latest news articles, Indonesia is going to spend over £500,000 to drive more tourism to the country due to a decrease in the number of tourists. On the other hand, The Algarve in Portugal is one of the least affected regions by Coronavirus and less dense areas in Europe. There are other European Tour destinations such as Lagos, Lagoa, and Aljezur that have the purest air in Europe. You can simply imagine that the Algarve beach’s air is hundred times much less loaded with germs than London streets.

Are you passionate about history? Antalya is lease affected Coronavirus affected countries in Europe and it is popular for its turquoise-colored blue waters and majestic sandy beaches. In case, you want to see heights, you can explore the Antalya landscapes for a panoramic tour by the cable car.

Parga, Greece is another beautiful destination with magnificent beaches and coves. You can reach onsite by car or rental taxi. As a security purpose, we suggest you avoid large hotels with increased population and advise you to book a guesthouse, apartment, or a small hotel.
Till now, Myanmar in Asia has been unaffected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Similarly, in Bali, there are no cases that have been reported and we can say it is currently Coronavirus-free Destinations.

Poland is also the safest country to visit as it boasts of low-cost travel tickets and it is a perfect spot for an array of options such as its history, art, and culture.

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