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Best Tribal Places To Visit In India – Tribal Tour Packages

Africa and India have quite populated tribal people in the world. They live a life full of simplicity and inhabit the most unused and charming locations in the country. They have retained most of their rituals and traditions. There is so much to learn from them. These are the best tribal places for tour & Travel to get an understanding of how they exist.

1) Chhattisgarh – A small but cultural state with over third of the tribal population living in densely forested regions of the Bastar area. They are Dorla, Gonds, Maria, and Muria ethnicities. They are famous for creating beautiful arts and unconventional marriage exercises. Men and women live together in Ghotul huts and freely meet without getting married. A most important festival in their region is Dusshera and they celebrate it uniquely.

2) Odisha – Around 25% of the population in Odisha is tribal and the state’s largest number of tribes in India – more than 60 different tribes. These traditional people live in Odisha’s remote, forests and hilly areas. You will have to organize the trip before visiting visit the tribes as some places are very distant, and require special permits, and language is also a big hurdle. One can arrange tribal travel from Puri. Tribal tours consist of at least five nights travel package due to long distance.

3) Rajasthan – With around 15% tribal population, the Bhil tribe were among the original inhabitants in this region. Certain cities were named after their kings who once ruled these cities. The Bhil tribe mostly lives in the Southern Rajasthan and you won’t like to miss the five-day Baneshwar tribal fair that is held in Dungarpur every January or Feb.

4) Northeast India – There are 16 significant tribes to visit in Nagaland, which shares a border with northeast India with Myanmar. No matter whether you want to go to the town (only a couple of hours from Kohima), or the faraway areas of Mon (famous for the last surviving head hunter in the region) and Mokokchung, you will surely be charmed by the interesting tribal traditional life in Nagaland. The Hornbill festival held in the Kohima district in the month of December will provide you the best tribal experience.

5) Maharashtra – Maharashtra constitutes a huge tribal population that possesses various parts of the state but for the most part hilly regions. The prominent tribes worth visiting are the Oraons, Katkaris, Bhils, Gonds, Mahadeo Warlis and Kolis, Moreover, they are all famous for their extraordinary tribal artwork.

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