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Singapore is a little country located on the Malay Peninsula where mind blowing landmarks await you for astonishing sightseeing. Singapore is a part of our one and only solo travelling packages that is still existence in today’s world and more importantly it is located on an island. But don’t just go by that, this country provides a lot of fulfilled activities and it also acts as a stunning show of architectural and sparking energy that will thrill your eyes instantly. So, what are you waiting for? Today with us at being best travel agents in India, you are going to learn more about the nation, furthermore we are going to offer you huge number of travel tips for your next travel.

Singapore tour and travel agency india
Singapore tour and travel agency india

The Singapore travel city lies on a main island that is totally different from its neighboring countries in terms of cleanliness and tidiness. Moreover, it is an affordable travel package where the airport itself serves as an international flight booking hub which makes flight connections to this part of the world an amazing experience. In Singapore, English is an official language; therefore communication is not going to be a barrier for you. Tourism is a booming industry in the country and over 50 biggest ships arrive in Singapore’s port each and every day.

The law in the country is very strict and helps this country remain one of the wealthiest nations through the laws. The country has imposed a ban on the sales of chewing gum and tourists must avoid littering while roaming around the city since it can let you end up in street cleaning punishment or huge fines. Singapore city is the large shopping centre around the world and it’s a big business too. But, be careful! The city does not offer much sympathy to those who are cautious while spending their hard earned money. However, there are massive sales takes place in June and July. If you talk about public transport, it is brilliantly organised and before taking a ride on the metro you should think twice. We suggest you that you explore this beautiful city on foot and discover the amazing views, smells and perfect sounds.

You can climb up to the Marina Bay sands where you can take pleasure of enjoying some mind blowing views and witness greater sunrise and sunset. The hotel is like a modern day engineering marvel in itself. Moreover, you can throw out some peanut shells and relish the delicious Singapore style sling cocktail

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