Privacy Policy

When a customer provides his personal information such as Name, Phone Number, Address, Email address, login user Id and Passwords, or any other information related to travel, this information gets submitted and stored in our database, and we carefully protect it at our end. We take full responsibility and take all the steps to make sure that information is not revealed to any third party company or person who is not associated with

All the personal information records of our customers are protected through the number of firewall layers to avoid accidental disclosure of the data. Moreover, we give permission to only our staff members, so they can manage the information of our customers. In fact, all the visitors of our website have the option wherein they need not provide their personal information to us, but there is some general info that is required so our customers can avail services like email notifications/newsletters, updates via text message, etc.

Furthermore, our visitors have the option to in which they can provide information about the contact numbers of their friends or family members on our website. We strictly suggest our customers take their permission first before sharing their personal information to

Mytravelcase also procures both personal and impersonal information of people all across the globe from their associates and those affiliated. In Case you don’t want to hear from us regarding any offers or travel updates, you can always choose to click on the “Unsubscribe” tab and we will never contact you again nor use your information again in the future. In spite of the fact that the information will remain intact and idle in our database, in case you ever think of returning back to us.

What data we collect

Mytravelcase traveling agency automatically saves Your Computer information in the form of cookies whenever you visit From Your Computer browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet explorer. We also gather data that includes the IP address of your device, web browser installed on your computer system. Through this privacy policy, Mytravelcase considers it has exclusive rights to gather information about your online browsing activity on our websites such as webpages viewed and website sections you have access to. This information we collect helps us to better understand the interests of our customers and assist them with far better services every time by adding new features on the website. This way, we can also tie-up with the airlines and hotels to access better offers and deals for you through our website or by advertisements.

Mytravelcase has norms and policies for user data protection under which we do not disclose the user’s personal information with any other vendor or third party company that is not associated with us. However, in case you click on a particular link or image that takes you to another website then we suggest you read the Privacy Policy of that website as well.

Data Protection Policy for multiple nations

Though Mytravelcase Tour and Travel Company guarantee all of its customers that their data Is protected and all information will stay secure and confidential. But, in case you are accessing the website from outside India, kindly be aware that the Indian data protection policies may not be the same as in your country. Also, be certain that Mytravelcase follows all the measures and utilizes several Firewall programs to ensure that your private information, data stays protected, and undisclosed.

Privacy policy for children

Generally, our website www.mytravelcase is available to be accessed by visitors of all kinds. However, at the same time in any part of the world, we do not provide services to children under the age of 13 Years. In case, if a visitor of an age less than 13 years sign up for our services or becomes our member, we will delete or eliminate such information as soon as we find out about the same.

Changes To our Privacy Policy

Mytravelcase agency reserves all the exclusive rights to add or alter the primary Policy at any time. Although we notify our visitors about such changes through emails and messages we still recommend visitors of our site to read private policy regularly before utilizing the website. In case, you have any doubt about our data protection rules or privacy policies, you can reach out to us, we will surely be delighted to assist you at the earliest.

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