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March 16, 2020

For couples, the honeymoon is the most memorable and crucial travel vacation they are going to have together. Of course, breathtaking tourist destinations such as Fiji, Maldives, Upolu, and BoraBora will be always on the top spot of the list of honeymoon favorite spots. Here is the list of top trending locations for the honeymoon that should be in your mind:

Tuscany – It is a classic honeymoon destination in Tuscany, Italy. It creates a lovely cadence of a romantic journey filled with gourmet cuisine, versatile wines, delightful beached for the newly married couples. You can gollop handmade truffles, pasta in la dolce vita while staring at crystal clear lakes in Positano, which is surrounded by rotating verdant hills. The ideal time to visit Amalfi Coast and Tuscany is April through November. Our top recommended places to stay are Casa Angelina and Como Castello Del Nero, not just because they are the best honeymoon spots, but you can also take personal cooking lessons to create classic Neopolitan dishes with the chef of Casa Angelina’s chef.

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British overseas Territory Anguilla – since 2019 when it saw a record-breaking bookings of 74,000, this territory shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. With soothing blue waters, spotless seaside beaches, adventure, various wellness options to explore, this place is a true adult playground. There are newly minted spas and Zemi beach house that boasts of a small swimming pool and a magnificent terrace. To avoid stormy weather we suggest you visit April through September.

José Ignacio, Uruguay: Throughout the several years of our experience in the travel industry, we have found out that couples are always excited about spending their honeymoon in fascinating beach destinations. Most of the travelers crave for warm weather, but they are escaping the Caribbean luxury and rather opt for discovering sandy beach destinations. The resort village José Ignacio offers all kinds of comforts imitating 5-star suites, fine dining, extravagant spas, and beach clubs and hotels like Anastasio Playa and Estancia Vik.

Lausanne (Switzerland) – Upon receiving the honor of the best small city in the world, there is a rapid rise in the number of tourists visiting the city. Settled on the coast of Geneva lake, a 5 star Savoy Lausanne is a must-visit place for comfortable accommodation, accessibility to Ouchy port, open-air pools, and a band of cultural tours and VIP arts.
Tip:- visit May through August as it offers favorable weather for wandering and sightseeing.

Salar de Uyuni – As per the travel experts, this zestful location is a dominant place in Bolivia to start the journey of marriage. This country offers a chance to spend quality time with your life partner in the never-ending belt of marvelous landscapes. The city of La Paz offers superior quality wine to toast to a brand new life. While heading to Laguna Verde from Avaroa National Reserve, you will witness magnificent emerald green seas and lakes.

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