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Turmoil and starvation amid Coronavirus lockdown in India | Covid_19

March 28, 2020

Recent lockdown in India has disrupted the 1.3 billion lives with poor and migrant laborers stranded. As global economies started imposing firm lockdowns to prevent the Coronavirus spread. Likewise, India also announced a 21-day lockdown to halt the spread of the virus as it has taken 17 lives and 700 people have been infected so far.

Government supports lock_down

According to the Indian government, our country is among the few countries that acted swiftly and purposefully to stop the Covid-19 outbreak. As per India’s Health and family welfare ministry, the rate of increase in Coronavirus infections has stabilized and 27,690 tests had been executed by Friday. While on Thursday, India saw the highest increase in cases with 88 confirmed patients.

Increasing testing centers

Experts say that testing capacity in India is poor and more sturdy testing equipment are required to specify the accurate number of cases. According to Dr. T Sundaraman, there is a need to test everyone who shows any kind of corona symptoms of infection, we can’t be limited to only hospitalized cases or people who had any travel history. The Indian government has engaged in testing facilities and scaled up private contractors to support conducting tests.

Shortage of Ventilators and PPE (personal protective equipment)

India is not only facing the issues of shortage of testing centers but is also having a shortage of medical equipment required to help the medical teams. According to the survey, India has 0.7 bed per 100,000 patients, which is quite lesser than South Korea who has successfully contained the virus spread.


Migrant laborers are grounded

Modi announced lockdown in the country with only 4 hours notice period, which raised a big concern as migrant workers were stranded across the nation. People were stranded without work, income, public transport, etc. The lockdown should have been imposed in a gradual way at an earliest stage.

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