10 Best Airports in the world

World’s 10 Best Airports

We have searched out the 10 best airports of 2020 in the world; we know this is the perfect time to examine which airport deserves to be on the top spot. Today, airports play an important role in our lives as they are the points of our departures and arrivals. This is where we get to meet with our family, friends, and serves as the spot where we depart from our loved ones.

We all spend plenty of time or at least a couple of hours of our life in airports as we wait for our flights; accompany our family members during their departure and arrival. Therefore, it is a big surprise when the architecture is beautiful and the airport is comfortable.

Here is the list of top airports based on factors such as food, cleanliness, transportation, hotel, and shopping options:

Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport, also known as the Changi Airport, is one of the largest transportation centers in Asia. This airport offers a rooftop pool, you can visit butterfly gardens, explore the duty-free shopping, and enjoy the ride on the Singapore flyer. Changi airport has a long corridor that can be daunting and one can feel that especially by seeing a sign that tells you a walk to the gate could take up to 15 minutes. The airport offers free Singapore tours 5 times a day. There is a colonial tour that spotlights the history of Singapore as a trading port including a walk along the Singapore River and the cultural tour which lets you dive into the sights of Singapore’s diverse and multicultural population.

Zurich Airport

It is the best place to spend your layover in an airport lounge and by paying the onetime fee you can have access to a relaxing environment with food and drinks. There are around 40 eateries, ranging from to-go kiosks to cafes, in-terminal stores to boutiques, and bars to full-service sit down restaurants. You can freshen up to kick-start your layover with access to toiletries, showers, and hairdryers. You can treat yourself with new looks by visiting salons located inside the Airport center.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is one of the most cosmopolitan and busiest air terminals on the planet that serves nearly 90 million travelers annually. There are 4 terminals in Heathrow with carriers precisely working out of each. There is only a 10-minute walk between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, but you will need to board a bus or train to reach 4th and 5th Terminals. There is no better place than to relax in the luxurious lounge while you are waiting for delayed flights. Some of the lounges even offer drinks, food, spa, shower, and business services like porters, meeting rooms, and foreign exchange as well.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport in the world. It is a first-class flyer for a layover to treat you with a soothing spa, eat with multiple dining options where you will undoubtedly find something great to eat, indulge in deep medication at the quiet Zen gardens. You can join tours, stop by the Burj Khalifa and shop at seemingly endless Duty-Free areas with multiple international boutiques.

Tokyo Narita

It is the primary and the most important international gateway that offers direct rail access to the city. The airport handles 10% of international flights and offers all kinds of cultural tasters on daily basis-from traditional armor to dance performances. You can use the World’s first voice-powered airport guide app (NariCo) to ask things like you want to eat Sushi or buy a beer and the app will give you all kinds of suggestions. There are times when you just need to relax during your travel, for that there is a Narita Sky Lounge with comfy seats and reclining sofas. For domestic flights across the country, the Tokyo Haneda airport offers domestic airlines which are Japan Airlines and All Nippon airlines. There are several airport lounges available here, you can check-in and take advantage of Wi-Fi, drinks and food, and a comfortable environment by paying a single onetime fee. There are Japanese staples like ramen, sushi, and soba, to-go kiosks plus Italian cafes that are located on the 4th Floor’s Edo Market.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Also, known by the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, located 9 KM southwest of Amsterdam, is the primary airport in the Netherlands. Peek into working aircraft hangars, the fire station, enjoy spa centers, and check into a lounge for chill out. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes available here that are a bit more local and

independent-minded than other airports. You can shop at famous brands like Hermes, Gucci, MAC Cosmetics, and Rolex. In case, you are feeling like betting and taking the risk to make some money, you can visit in-airport casinos located between gates E and F that are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Munich Airport

It is the second busiest airport in Germany. For as convenient and comfortable, the airport lounges offer a little extra something. No matter you are a first-class flyer or a Business class flyer, few lounges will allow access to all kinds of travelers. You can head for browsing shops to pass tune as there are around 150 shops there where you will find everything from newsstands, convenience stores to fashion stores, and technology stations. Visitor’s Park is the perfect place to bring the kids; you can play mini-golf at the 18-hole course which is open daily from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. In case, you are interested in aviation, you can join an airport tour.

Hamad International

It is the only international airport in Qatar’s state. Spend some quality time in the first-class airport lounge. The airport features international, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisine. Qatar Tourism Authority offers travelers a free tour of Doha, which implies you don’t need to navigate or set up your itinerary. You can go out and discover sand dunes near Khor Al Adaid. There are Qatar Museums, gift shops that feature international and local works of art on display throughout the airport.

Incheon International Airport

It is South Korea’s largest airport and has been rated the best airport in the world by Airports Council International every year since 2005. Apart from all the uber-cool looking modern architecture, the airport exhibits a cultural museum where one can make their handicrafts and read 5,000-year-old UNESCO artifacts while enjoying a customary musical performance. Explore the Korean traditional culture, enjoy a musical performance, brush up ice skating, and watch the latest cinema shows. If you love adventure who wants to go out and discover the nation, you can check out various transit tours offered by the airport and in just a few hours you can get the glance of the city.

Vancouver International Airport

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